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Release date

We still do not have a specific date.
However, you can sign up for the beta when it is ready.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea of making an inflatable game was born in 2016, when the 2 artists of the project were watching photos of inflatable parks and could only imagine how fun it could be to play in a game where you could bounce on everything. They had the idea of creating a game with a casual atmosphere where all the violence could be summed up by sticking with inflatable noodles over the sea.

But if there are no deaths … How do you beat the rivals?

By pushing them into the water, you clear your way to meet the objectives of the map.
As there are no black screens or boring counters, the action does not stop at any time, offering a fun without cuts throughout the game.

But…. Can you bounce on all inflatables?

On everything!



Is there a class system? What weapons will there be?

In UMI you can choose your own style of play according to the weapon you choose before each match.
Each weapon has a basic hit, a block and two abilities. Players have to choose how they prefer to use their weapon’s abilities. They can attack, defend or move around the map, which offers greater versatility and dynamism through each game.
Weapons affect characters differently, they change movement speed, attack speed and even how much they can push and be pushed.
For now, we are developing three main weapons:

  • Q-Tip: Well balanced weapon, it offers a medium-range attack and a spinning attack which can block hits.
  • Hammer: Heavy weapon, push away your enemies with this giant inflatable hammer. The character moves slowly but hits harder. It can do spin attacks and a heavy blow on the ground.
  • Inflatable gloves: The fastest weapon on the sea, punch faster than anyone and open your way to the goal. You can charge a strong attack or do an uppercut to send flying your enemies.

What game modes are there / will be?

The mode we are using for the demo is called “Capture The Whale”, the two teams must fight to get the inflatable that is in the middle of the map and take it to its base. The team that gets three, or the one that has achieved the most when time runs out, wins.
We have more modes prepared for the online, all related to inflatables, such as getting a fan to inflate the inflatable of your team or maps that sink as time goes by.

I can think of many ideas for inflatables, can I tell you?

Join our discord server, for that we have the Wishlist section, where you can tell us everything you would like to see in the game. We can not promise that everything that is proposed can be put in the game, but surely we can all get crazy and fun ideas together.


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